Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Growing Taller with Amino Acids?

Amino Acids is another method of height increase that gets thrown around a lot and we all know that excess amino acids are just excreted.  However, if we know what amino acids can possibly alter height development then we can increase our heights not by supplementing with amino acids but by increasing our sensitivity to amino acid absorption.

The obvious way to increase amino acid absorption is to increase the bodies sensitivity to insulin.  We know that exercise increases the sensitivity to insulin, however that increase in sensitivity is localized to the exercised area. Although it may be possible to increase insulin sensitivity in the bone due to exercise.  Insulin increases amino acid uptake.

So if we increase our insulin sensitivity then we will increase uptake of all amino acids as a side effect.  But still, if we know what amino acids are needed for height growth then we can take note of any research that increases sensitivity to that particular amino acid.

Isoleucine helps repair bone as does Histidine, Valine, Glycine, and Leucine. Of course, anything used for repair would already be accepted by the body in appropriate quantities. Lysine and Proline could help increase height by helping to form collagen(collagen is a part of bone).  Tryptophan affects growth hormones but even if the production of growth hormones would enhance the body could respond by decreasing it's sensitivity to growth hormone.  If you're going to use growth hormone better to use in it's most direct form so you get the maximum adaptation before your body has time to adapt.

Arginine(which includes L-Argnine) and Orthonine are involved in both HGH and Insulin but again the body could adapt in response to increased production.

Even enhancing sensitivity to amino acids will not increase height.  You don't have to alter the positive feedback mechanisms to alter your stature(or other physiological properties), you have to alter the NEGATIVE feedback mechanisms.  If any of the amino acids enhanced the bodies sensitivity to insulin, HGH, or IGF-1 then they could be effective.  But they don't, so studying amino acids is not valuable to height increase(unless you find one involved in regulating negative feedback mechanisms).


  1. I am considering adding this to my dumbbell LSJL routine:

    Jogging with 10 lbs (per leg) ankle weights for 30 minutes.

    Then jump and land as hard as I can for 1 minute.

    Sit with 30 lbs (per leg) iron plates for 60 minutes.

    Stop and get blood circulation going for 10 minutes,

    Another 40 minutes of sitting with iron plates.

    10 minutes of LSJL on my ankles.

    Then sleep.

    I will not walk or stand after jogging.

  2. That's a long time to sit with iron plates. The key question is: Do you feel a stretch in your bone when you sit with iron plates? You also allude to the fact that you lose circulation in your legs. I don't know if duration of the stretch matters but it might be worth breaking up your sitting if you're losing circulation.

  3. The circulation loss is from sitting in an awkward position, if it doesn´t feel good I take a break.

    I'm also adding 10 minutes of tapping my ankles.

    I expect half an inch per month.

    I just hope this doesn't mess up my growth plates..

    I'm just waiting for my dumbbells to arrive and then I will start the full routine.

    I will come back with my height increase in 3 months, maybe less if it's going at a faster rate than 1/2 inch per month.

  4. Never mind, I'm going to stick to LSJL and tapping for height increase.

    The ankle weight technique doesn't rely on growth plates so I can always do that later.

    Sorry about that.