Monday, May 13, 2013

Lateral Synovial Joint Loading Supplement Guide

In an earlier post, I estimated that you can gain 1/4" every two months from lateral synovial joint loading.  This seems to be going along with how reported gains of about 0.5 cm for 2 months so about 1/5") and RT(gains of about 1 cm in a month and a half) have reported gaining on the LSJL forum.  Now, what LSJL is good at is good at is inducing chondrogenic differentiation which can cause height growth.  But anything anabolic that can accelerate the rate of cellular proliferation can make this height growth occur faster like HGH.

And incorporating LIPUS and electromagnetic fields(which are important as shown by the pizeoeletric current and the OPG/RANKL gradient).

I'm not going to be going into things like supplement purity and supplement forms(yet).  That's something that will come with time.  Note that all supplements and dosages are at your own risk.  I only study the possible effects of supplements on height increase.  All the information I have on the supplements is based on the studies I present on this blog.  This means that there are possible interactions and side effects that I may overlook.  This list is intended to inspire discussion about the possibility of supplements to increase height and to inspire discussion about possible risks and side effects.  I do not vouch for the safety of any supplements nor do I provide any dosages.  If you want vouches of safety than look to the manufacturer or to an organization such as the FDA.

DNA Protectors like Sam-e may not be necessary with a normal diet but as you do more anabolic activities or take more anabolic supplements your need for these supplements may increase.

I'm will be including supplements like Viagra and Lithium that are only available by prescription.  Because if people are aware of the height increasing potential of certain supplements that might increase the availability.

Dosages of each supplement likely vary based on diet, weight, and activity level.

Basic Lateral Joint Loading Routine(Lateral Loading of the Epiphysis):
-Increases cellular differentiation stem cells to chondrocytes which leads to height growth.
-Increases TGF-Beta, Wnt, and ECM pathways(Hyaluronic Acid).

-Need more TGF-Beta1.  Won't increase height without TGF Beta.
-Increases Aggrecan Expression.
-Inhibits GSK-3Beta increasing cellular proliferation(which is why it makes bone fractures heal faster).

Increases TGF-Beta release.

Axial Loading(Heavy Weightlifting):
-Increases TGF-Beta
-Increases all kinds of anabolic hormones(net gain in cellular proliferation resulting in more need for anti-oxidants and DNA methylaters)
-Increases need for calories

Endurance Training:
-Can increase VO2 max which can lengthen telomeres
-Increases sensitivity to Growth Hormone.

Now the Supplements:

c-Fos inhibitors:


Beta-Catenin inhibitors:


EstrogenReceptorAlpha inhibitors:

-Royal Jelly

ECM(Extracellular Matrix) Protectors:

-As your shear strain increases your need for more ECM increases so endurance training, sprinting or other exercises that cause shear strain on chondrocytes.  You'll notice that your bones will crack more after endurance training(not like a chiropractic crack but more of a dry crack).

So the more you run the more of these you'll need-
-Chondroitin & Glucosamine
-Hyaluronic Acid <-More Important than Chondroitin & Glucosamine for growing taller

Seaweed and Beta-Glycerophosphate:
Beta-Glycerophosphate may play a role in allowing endochondral ossification without periosteum.  Seaweed may help increase ECM levels.

Increases proteoglycan syntehesis and aggrecan mRNA.

Glucosamine may only have benefits if you engage in a lot of joint taxing exercises whereas hyaluronic acid and chondroitin can help you grow taller during puberty or while performing LSJL.

DNA Protectors:

-B6, B12, Folic Acid(<-The need for these increases the more anabolic activities you engage in or the more anabolic supplements intake)

-Folinic Acid may provide additional protection for DNA.  It should also be noted that Folinic Acid produced an observable increase in growth plate morphology and a non-significant increase in longitudinal bone growth.

-Sam-e(<-You only need this if B6, B12, and Folic Acid are not performing their jobs which they do in most people)

-Telomere Length(Astragalus Membranaceous which also doubles as an anti-oxidant)

-Anakrina and Entarnercept(prescription only substances that act to inhibit TNF-alpha and IL-1Beta, those two compounds are produced endogenously by growth plate chondrocytes and reduce growth)

Increase Cellular Proliferation(May not always increase final adult height but results in faster gains in LSJL and doesn't hurt):

-Examples are HGH, Myostatin Inhibitors, IGF-1, Testosterone.  The higher your cellular proliferation rate the more DNA protectors and anti-oxidants you need.  Use all supplements as directed(Niacin must be taken at a specified large dose).  Remember, that anabolic supplements increase non-bone cells as well such as skin cells, muscle cells, etc.  Usually, adipogenic differentiation is inhibited though.

-Creatine(inhibits Myostatin)

-Lactoferrin(increases chondrocyte proliferation, also available in milk)

The below two supplements are testosterone boosters and have a role in the nitric oxide pathway which can increase height growth:

-Tribulus Terristris

-Horny Goat Weed

-Niacin(enhances the bodies response to HGH when taken in large doses)

-Puerarin(increases cellular proliferation by the PI3K pathway)

-Leptin(increases cellular proliferation)

-Increases cellular proliferation and hypertrophy be inhibiting GSK3Beta however may have negative effects on height like stabilizing Beta-Catenin.  However, inactivation of Beta Catenin & overexpression of Sox9 has been shown to reduce height.  Methylation of Sox9 by CARM1 inhibits Beta-Catenin degradation so upregulating Beta-Catenin may not be needed in some circumstances.

Sophorae Beans:
Increases TGF-Beta and IGF-1 levels.

Increases bFGF, IGF-1, and BMP-2 levels.

Increases IGF-1 and Type II Collagen levels.

Growth Plate regulation(Endochondral Ossification Pathways):

Parathyroid hormone antagonizes Ihh, Runx2, and TypeX Collagen differentiation plus upregulates CyclinD1.  So basically Parathyroid Hormone delays terminal differentiation and increases chondrocyte proliferation.  PTH also stimulates Nkx3.2 which increases type II collagen(cartilage) and GAG production. Parathyroid Hormone is pro-chondrogenic.

PDE5 inhibitor and stimulates the Nitric Oxide pathway.  The Nitric Oxide Pathway and CNP both increase cGMP levels thus like CNP may increase longitudinal growth.  Viagra is a far more effective NO pathway stimulator than something like arginine, as Viagra targets a NO pathway inhibitor(PDE5) and so may be less susceptible to negative feedback mechanisms than something like Arginine.

Stimulates NO pathway.

Inhibits NFKappaB which inhibits height growth in active growth plates.  In bones with no growth plates, NF-kappaB may cause apoptosis of bone cells and stimulate stem cells.  So you shouldn't take Harpogoside if you have active growth plates.


Vitamin C:
Vitamin is pro-chondrogeneic.  It is unclear whether levels of Vitamin C above requirements would help increase height however Vitamin C deficiency reduces height. Vitafusion Power C, Gummy Vitamins For Adults, 150-Count.

-Pretty much all anti-oxidants are good except for NAC which inhibits free radicals that are essential for height growth(NADPH).

Increases levels of TGF-Beta in addition to scavenging free radicals.  Note that Melatonin increases levels of CYP1A2 which metabolizes Melatonin.  Therefore it may be necessary to cycle Melatonin.  Also note, that most doses of Melatonin may be too high and may increase CYP1A2 levels higher than a low dose for the same beneficial effects.  Many studies have found 0.3mg of Melatonin to be effective versus the 3mg in most supplement tablets. Here's 0.5mg Melatonin: Pure Encapsulations Melatonin 0.5 mg - 180 capsules.

-Acai Berry has been shown to be a highly effective anti-oxidant and it is available in foods(Acai berry enhanced smoothies)


Silicon Reduced Diet:
-Silicon Deficiency may have possibility to inhibit growth plate closure and increase longitudinal growth.
-Silicon seems to be pro-bone rather than pro-cartilage.  Thus, a silicon deficiency may be favorable to increased chondrogenesis.

So if you want to grow taller faster with LSJL.  First, look at what physically can you do that's anabolic like cardio and weight training.  Then make sure as you increase your activity level increase your levels of chondrocyte protectors as necessary.  Also increase your levels of DNA protectors and anti-oxidants.

With each supplement that's anabolic you try up your anabolic and DNA protector supplement content as well.  For safety, whenever possible go for water soluble supplements like Vitamin C.


  1. I saw you took my recommendation on the bar clamp :D

  2. hey tyler have you looked into histidine deacetylase , GLP-1, and glucagon studies in ways (and compounds) to increase follistatin and lower myostatin? also anything about sprinting?

  3. the vice used by taxi warrior is a good option. I now use this and it feels like there is more control and stability allowing for better compression.

  4. Great been waiting for this kind of post. But alot of supplements!!!

    Would be good if you put it in a table pioritsings the important ones. And would you take say all the testosterone boosters or would take 1 or 2.

  5. Tyler do you think ther's any supplements you could combine with exogenous growth hormone to increase height after puberty?

  6. Ive got a very important question. ill try to explain with my poor english, hope you understand:
    to create our desired "pizoeletric force", do we need to apply force(load) in both sides of the epiphysis at the same time? Or it would also work if we put the c clamp, for example, with a thick foam( or a shoe insole, anything to make one side of the clamp soft) and apply force in only one side of the epiphysis of each bone( like, the inner part of the tibia)?
    I dont know if u guys understood what i meant but, it seems really important to me...
    Thank u all!!

  7. Tyler, do you perform LSJL every day? Or only 5 days a week? Please respond, I'm beginning your technique and I was wondering, thank you..

  8. Tyler, could u give your opinion on the question about loading both sides of the epiphysis simutaniously...

  9. I'm going to do some more research on the pizeoelectric current.

    I'm performing LSJL five days a week just because I want to have two days without exercise at all. I recommend doing it all 7 days though.

    Loading both sides of the epiphysis is good(more hydrostatic pressure).

  10. how about an update?

  11. Can the routine be done without Viagra?
    And did you forget to include Lithium in your supplements?

  12. It's not a routine. It's a list of supplements that may have height increase potential. It's for people to experiment at their own risk or to provide additional insights about the supplements.

    1. thankyou, seeing the comments they look like
      tyler !
      my fault to blame as well, haha, thank you for this it gives us something to build on
      seeing how there is so many things discovered every day a future list will be interesting

  13. Hi Tyler,

    Inspired by your site, I've started my own blog where I'll be posting daily updates with pics showing the results of LSJL on my finger. I've come up with a simple method to make even the slightest change in length immediately visible. I'm marking my finger and photographing it with the scale beside it. I've posted my LSJL routine on the blog. Please visit it at www(dot)lsjltester(dot)wordpress(dot)com


    Please point out any modifications I need to make to my routine or any mistakes if I'm making them.


  14. are there any more supplements/foods you could add to the list?that are not on the list?

  15. What do you have in mind for activin antagonsim?
    This is a must

  16. Yes there are more supplements.
    There even is one single supplement that will grow you proportionally, without the need of anything else.

    1. I don't believe that. What pathway is it involved in?

  17. could be one master pathway but i dont you would know what it is unless you were a expert on those pathways and science

  18. It's an indirect ecdysten analogue

  19. I wonder how we grew taller during puberty. We didn't do LSJL, or take any of these supplements, everything was happening naturally. What are the changes in our body after puberty? The only thing I can think of is we have high testosterone.

    Btw, we synthesise and use approx 15 grams of HA per day. So I don't think a few hundred mg of HA will make much of a difference. HA synthesis is regulated by HAS1,2,3. EGFR regulates HAS. Growth hormone regulates EGFR. Go figure.

  20. how much Melatonin do you take tyler and if you took 0.5mg would you still have to cycle and how would you cycle?

    1. I don't know the exact numbers. Just monitor how melatonin is affecting your sleep habits. If it stops then you've probably built too much of the enzyme that degrades it and you need to cycle off for a while. I'd guess about a week.

    2. Thanks, can you make this and the post from September 2011 to the 'start learning about growing taller' page please

  21. what supplements here have you taken Tyler is it just lithium and Melatonin

  22. Hi guys, i just started LSLJ. I heard what you should be experiencing when doing this routine is a fluid flow sensation on your femur and tibia. However what ive been experiencing is just pressure. Did i clamp it the correct way? And also i am using a F Clamp. Or should i use a C Clamp instead? Help please. Im seriously lost.

    1. what clamp you use shouldn't matter just clamp on the lowest point of each emphasis, experiment with angle of clamp and flex/tense muscle to increase hydrstatic pressure.

  23. Again why have you not looked at Vitamin B14 witch i know isn't actually a vitamin and when you say lithium do you mean medical strength for people with bipola??????????

  24. Is LSJL still considered beneficial? Or no point off doing now.

    1. I'm still doing LSJL. Right now I'm working on losing fat so any progress with LSJL will be more noticeable. Especially with the finger experiment so I can see exactly the differences in bone shape between the control finger and the experimental finger.

  25. Hi Tyler,

    Please advice, i had done LSJL with some exercises and supplements for 2 weeks and had gained a cm. However i am not sure if it is due to LSJL or the exercises ive been doing with it. I did not feel the "fluid flow" feeling while doing LSJL, does that mean I am doing it wrongly? I clamp both my femur and tibia as one joint with a c class clamp. Or is it more adviceable to clamp the two joints seperately?

    1. Are you sure you grew?you measure at same time?
      How much time did you load and please post pictures.
      Did you take any suplementation?

    2. why don't you just measure legs separately

  26. Since when did "free radicals" become essential for height growth? The purpose of all antioxidants is to inhibit free radicals, so your statement against NAC is incorrect. Glucosamine actually helps our body make HA. Other recommended supplements should be undenatured whey concentrate because it contains 5 kinds of naturally occurring growth hormones and deer antler velvet. Both contains igf-1.

  27. Hmm overrall height matters to me more. I measured during the evening which I think gravity should have done its work compressing my spine. Tyler please answer my answer. I am on 75mg niacin everyday. Probably I should up my intake on niacin

    1. yes 400-500mg try not to take it everyday because your liver will get used to it and it will cause a harmless side effect of flushing

  28. I measured using a automatic height and weight scale in the hospital btw. I guess it should be accurate.

  29. are Sophorae Beans and Quercetin the same

  30. might atually consider take Quercetin

  31. Is there a supplement who combines the most important things in this articles in one time/;

  32. Hi, I am 26 and reside in India. Is it also possible to gain by LSJL effectively without taking any of these supplements but by maintaining proper diet with the nutritional level? Please answer.

  33. You wrote Royal Jelly is an Aromatase-Inhibior. But i found on the net that it is known as a Aromatase-Activator
    Im not sure if i should buy it.

  34. You wrote Royal Jelly is an Aromatase-Inhibitor but here it says it is an Aromatase-Activator.
    Im not sure if i should buy it.