Sunday, March 14, 2010

About the Loads I use

I have been weightlifting for six years.  I decided I really wanted to grow taller for five.  Easyheight provided a lot of inspiration for me but I was sick of seeing the same old cobra stretches and scam crap like Growtaller4idiots.  Easyheight gave me the mindset that I am an experimenter.  Everybody who does a height increase routine is.  We are all scientists.

I don't know what the best exercises are to do.  Nobody does.

People don't even know what the best exercises are for weightlifting.  We know which lifts are good for using a lot of weight but not which are good for hypertrophy.  I am in this to win it.  In Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd said "If you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything..." except for height increase.  For years, I've heard people say you can't grow taller with 'proof' riddled with logical fallacies or just blanket statements like "it's impossible."

I use as much weight as I do because I'm an experimenter.  I want to put every possible tool I can available in order to gain height.  Sometimes, I've lost track a little bit but this blog has helped me focus.  I saw the movie Julie & Julia and thought if a blog about cooking could bring people together imagine what a blog about something really important like height increase could do.

This blog is a filtering service.  I go through pubmed articles and other available research to see which is applicable to height increase.  Sometimes that research is my own.  The key to injury prevention is practice and control(work your way up in weight) even exercises like the upright row which cause shearing forces on the tendons and ligaments(anatomical parts that do not heal as well as muscle and bone) take a while to deal any significant damage.

I'm a researcher.  I'm presenting my research.  Over time, we'll know more about which exercises are best to increase height but right now we have to decide how badly we really want this and if we're willing to take chances that are head of the curve(even if that risk is wasted time and ridicule).

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