Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to increase kids height?

Forgive me the somewhat broken English.  The title is intended to target people looking for ways to increase their child's height.  Some might consider that child abuse but you also have to consider that you have to factor in that most fields are highly competitive and you want to give your child the best opportunities you possibly can.

I read somewhere in Freakonomics I believe that children born in certain months tended to be more likely to be successful in sports because they tended to be relatively bigger than other children their age. Being more successful at lower age levels led to improved training which turned into success at the higher levels. Well, imagine if you could increase growth rate?  You could give your children an advantage in athletics regardless of what month they were born in.

Here's some tips to increase kids height or rather their growth rate as all that matters in giving children an athletic advantage is an increase in growth rate.

Number one of course is growth hormone.  Growth hormone has been shown to markedly improve growth rate if not increasing bone length.

Epiphyseal distraction is another method.  Although this method was developed to increase height but failed it's still a way to increase growth rate.  Any method to provide distraction forces on the growth plate including lateral synovial joint loading(which provides distraction forces on the growth plate in addition to stretching forces on the cortical bone) will increase growth rate.  Bed rest also releases compression on the growth plate.

Another "natural" way to increase your child's height is to increase the level of growth hormone via exercise.

Growth hormonal methods are most effective as you also want to increase your child's muscle mass in addition to accelerating bone growth.

Adult methods such as increasing periosteal width or articular cartilage growth via microfractures may also be effective.  However, growth hormone has been shown to have limited effect on increasing periosteal width pre-puberty.

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  1. what effect would heat eg(hairdryer)could this expand bone also what effect would electrical stimulation eg( abdominal belt have on bone growth plates) also how much height gain is realistic p month lsjl bodybuilder Dave