Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best Proof so far...Part V (A Call for experimenters)

See Experiment Synovial Joint Loading Routine for the details of the routine to be performed.

I measured my fibula to be about 14 1/4 inches(Unfortunately, I didn't make a tibial measurement at this point and I'm a couple inches under the true length of the fibula) .  It is way too hard to get an accurate reading so improvements will have to be at least 1/4 of an inch or so to discount measurement error.  I measured from the end of the knee to the end of the ankle.

I am going to be performing other exercises in addition to the lateral synovial joint loading routine(I'd rather gain height then know which exercise is causing the height gain) but it's possible that I'm performing an exercise which compresses the bone and cancels out the gains from lateral synovial joint loading.

So, I need other experimenters.  Please post a comment with your starting shin bone length if you are interested in doing the routine.  Make sure you are putting the load on your elbow and knee respectively as much as possible.

In a month, I'll post my shin measurements again and any experimenters can comment again with how their shin bones have changed.

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  1. is this safe?won't it make any complications.i'm still a 13 year old and 4'11 desperate to grow :(