Thursday, March 11, 2010

Limb Lengthening for the Spine!

I primarily focus on a bone deformation and microfracture method but this study may prove useful to those who view limb lengthening as an option.

The Effect of Posterior Distraction on Vertebral Growth in Immature Pigs: An Experimental Simulation of Growing Rod Technique.

This is a Turkish study.  So perhaps there will be a way of limb lengthening in the spine in the future.

"OBJECTIVE.: The aim of this study is to evaluate the vertebral body growth under distraction forces in immature pigs treated with growing rod (GR) technique. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA.: Distraction forces applied on growth plate of appendicular skeleton stimulate longitudinal growth. However, the effect of distraction forces on axial skeletal growth has not been fully investigated yet. METHODS.: Twelve 10-week-old domestic pigs were used in this experimental model to simulate GR technique. Four of them were lost during postoperative period because of deep wound infection. Cranially T12-L1 and caudally L4-L5 vertebrae were instrumented by pedicle screws bilaterally, while L2 and L3 were skipped. Distraction between pedicle screws was applied at index surgery. The rods were then lengthened twice in a month interval. All subjects were evaluated with anteroposterior and lateral spinal radiograph before surgery, after surgery, and at the final follow-up. The vertebral body heights of distracted segments (HD = L2 and L3) and control segments (HC = T9, T10 and T11) were measured. Average vertebral body heights and the increase percentage in the vertebral body heights were compared among control segments and distracted segments. RESULTS.: The preoperative vertebral body height was similar in 2 groups (preHC: 10.81 mm, n = 19, preHD: 11.27 mm, n = 16, P > 0.05). At the final follow-up, the average vertebral body height in distraction group was significantly higher than the control group (postHC: 17.03 mm, postHD: 18.58 mm, P < 0.05). The increase percentage in vertebral body height was higher in distracted segments, but there was no statistically significant difference between the 2 groups. CONCLUSION.: The vertebral growth continues during GR instrumentation. Distraction forces might stimulate also apophyseal growth of axial skeleton."

So a 1.58mm height increase from spinal limb lengthening and humans are different from pigs(some of them) so the height increase for humans may be greater.


  1. Tyler how can i go about lengthening my forearms and fingers? Im almost 18 years old, im not terribly worried about my height ( im 6ft 1) but my arms seem to be somewhat short for my height. My dad is about the same height as me but his forearms and and hands are considerably longer and thicker than mine. I would say his wrists about 2 or 3 centimeters wider than mine and his forearms about half an inch longer. I know that he did alot of physical labor throughout his life and does pull ups often. Yet his other son (my half brother) is about 35 and has not done nearly as much physical labor as i know my father has yet his arm and hand length is quite similar to my fathers and considerably more so than mine. Im hoping that i might still grow, but when i look at pictures of my father and brother when they were teens it seems that they had already had this bone development at my age. I generally sleep about 6 to 7 hours a night due to school work, but im trying to sleep more. What else should i be doing?

  2. does any doctor knows this surgery? So I can ask them if it's still possible for me to increase my height.pls..... nid to increase my height in any possible way I am 20 yrs old..........