Monday, March 1, 2010

A Call to Arms - help increase height for all

It is January 2011 and there is still a lack of good quality height increase sites unfortunately.  There haven't been any studies on LSJL since the promising lengthening of mouse hindlimbs with joint loading study.  There also needs to be more studies on microfractures and gap fracture healing.  Also, the controversy about aromatase deficiency and Gigantism remain.

I don't understand why scientists haven't done more research in microfractures after the studies in master sprinters showed an increase in cortical area by 13% in males(The Wilkes study titled "Bone mass and geometry of the tibia..." .  Now their are three possibilities as to how the cortical area of the bone increased is:
1) a converting of the trabecular bone on the interior of the bone(spongy bone) into cortical bone
-We already know it's possible for trabecular bone to become cortical bone(bone remodeling).  However, the reason that bone isn't entirely cortical bone is to avoid bone from being too heavy and impairing movement.  So evolutionarily speaking there's possibly an evolved mechanism protecting the spongy bone area from turning into compact bone.

2) The larger bone size causes success in running rather than the other way around.
-The lack of similar increases in bone size in distance runners goes against this as does the much greater increase in bone size of females versus male athletes(for example males periosteal width was 4% greater whereas females it was 8%).  If it were genetic factors then the difference in bone size would be roughly the same for males and females.  However, the greater increase in females shows that they have more to gain due to sexual dimorphism(smaller bones to start with in general).

3) Sprinting caused microfractures in the cortical bone which over time increased the cortical area(and cortical height as well but this was not accounted for as the study did not take place over time)

I will see if this study is available at the UCSD library in full form so I can get more information about the increase in cortical area but what I see right now from just this abstract is a pretty firm possibility of height increase.  Even applying Occum's razor I see all three as equally likely possibilities(well 1 and 3 are more likely than 2).

Bodybuilders are perfectly willing to challenge the scientific status quo on steroids and the BMI.  Why are they not willing to do the same on height increase?  Bodybuilders are scientists.  Which one of these is buffer: a lab mice that some scientist experimented on or Jay Cutler?  Jay Cutler.  You think bodybuilders would be as successful as they are today if they listened to what scientists told them what they can and can't do?  No.

Bodybuilders did their own research and experiments(supplements and exercise followed by measurements) and became their own maverick scientists.

If we cause cortical bone microfractures we will increase height.  That hypothesis is very hard to refute.  It's a matter of finding the exercises.  That's why we need to band together like the bodybuilders.  We need to start doing our own research.  We need to incorporate the fitness community whom tend to be passionate in their pursuits and willing to go against the scientific status quo.

If we just had that sense of organization and a dedicated community we would have the exercises that cause cortical bone microfractures by now.  Instead we have a relatively inactive forum here and a sporadic question about the possibility to increase height on a bodybuilding and fitness board there.

We need to start answering height increase questions seriously and start demanding height increase research from bodybuilding publications and scientific research teams.

I realized over time that I was targeting the height increase community and members of a height increase forum like and is a good forum but unfortunately is an affiliate of growtaller4idiots).  We need to target people who don't use the computer that much but type can I increase kids height.  The type of people who might see something about growth hormone or kimi or yoko and get turned off the height increase community to get scammed.

To do this we need to perform SEO techniques to increase our ranking in the search engines which include the usage of long tails related to our targeted keywords and targeted backlinks.


  1. Thanks dude. Be a revolutionary leader for this cause.