Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Proof so far...Part IV(Application)

I was going to the gym and had an epiphany after looking at some of the machines.  You can create the necessary forces to increase height via synovial joint loading with the hip abductor, hip adductor, pec deck, and reverse peck deck machines(doesn't exist yet I don't think but you can use an ordinary pec deck!). 

Pec Deck:
The padding at the elbow joint is a must but you perform a one arm at a time "fly".  Some pec decks have you hold handles and that won't work.  You adjust the pec deck's settings so that the pads are about 180 degrees.  You put your elbow as much as you can in the center of the pad and then you do a partial where you try to keep as much load as you can on your elbow.  You can use as much body english as you want as long as there is load on the synovial joint.  Not sure how long you have to do it for you yet but this is the easiest way to create the lateral synovial joint forces!  For weight, start light and work your way up(you can do this in the same session).  Repeat for the other arm.

Reverse Pec Deck:

Again the padding at the elbow joint is a must.  You sit with your chest facing the padding. You adjust the arms of the machine so they are close to 180 degrees. You put one arm against the pad and then you do a partial and hold.  Trying to get as much load onto the elbow as possible.  You shouldn't be able to use as much weight as normal pec deck as this is a very disadvantageous strength position.

Hip abductor machine:

Now you put your knee on the pad.  Adjust the levers so they are close to 90 degrees.  Do a partial and hold.  It is very important that the load is on the knee(the synovial joint) so do whatever you can to get the load onto there.  Do one leg at a time and repeat for other leg.

Hip adductor machine:

Adjust the levers so they are close to 180 degrees put your knee on the pad.  Do one leg at a time.  Again, do a partial and hold it flexed trying to get as much load as possible on the knee.  You should be stronger at this than the hip abductor machine.

The great thing about this is that you can do it at any gym with those three machines.  You can do it without ridicule as you can just say that you are stretching.  According to lateral synovial joint theory, the elbow and knee stretches both the humerus and radius/ulna plus femur and tibia/fibula respectively so even though you're not performing lateral synovial joint loading on your ankle and wrists you are still lengthening a lot of bones.

I'd recommend that anyone who wants to give synovial joint loading a try please start with these four exercises.  If I'm not clear on anything please post in comments.  If you are going to try this routine, post a comment.


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  2. what are you strech the spine?

  3. Hey man checkout:-

    This could be useful combined with microfractures in the legs :o)