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Effects of Strontium on Collagen Content and Expression of Related Genes in Rat Chondrocytes Cultured In Vitro.

"chondrocytes were isolated from rat articular cartilage by enzymatic digestion and cultured for 24-72 h with 1-5 mM strontium. We investigated the effects of different concentrations of strontium on collagen content, type II collagen, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-13 expression in rat cultured articular chondrocytes in vitro. The collagen content of the chondrocytes, determined as hydroxyproline, was measured by a colorimetry method. collagen content from the chondrocytes extracellular matrix increased with increasing strontium concentration. 3 and 5 mM strontium strongly stimulated protein expression and mRNA levels of type II collagen and IGF-1. Conversely, MMP-13 expression in chondrocytes decreased dose-dependently with increasing strontium concentration."

The problem is that MMP13 is an important protein for endochondral ossification.  If the increase in IGF-1 or other pro-chondrogenic compounds is independent of the decrease in MMP13 then maybe there could be a net height increasing effect.

The study mentions that the chondrocyte cytoskeleton was normal between 0-5 mM stontium.

The increase in IGF-1 seems to correlate with the reduction in MMP13 unfortunately.  Although MMP13 seems to have less of a relationship with Type II Collagen.

"In the first 48 h, supplementation with final concentrations of 3 and 5 mM strontium in the culture medium resulted in significantly higher amounts of hydroxyproline [synonym for collagen] than that of the control group"<-Also at 72 hours but not 24 hours.

"1–5 mM strontium had no significant effect on chondrocyte proliferation. Strontium ranelate has no significant effect on the DNA content of chondrocytes"<-Another knock for strontium's height increase potential.

"strontium ranelate increases collagen and non-collagenic protein synthesis by mature osteoblast-enriched cells, and stimulates type II collagen synthesis via a direct ionic effect"<-so the increase in Col2a1 could be independent of the decrease in MMP13.

"in freshly isolated rat chondrocytes, SrCl2 (3.2 and 10 mM) inhibited the synthesis of GAG and collagen. SrCl2 (2 mM) stimulated PG production."

"Cleavage of type II collagen by MMP-13 is required for the differentiation of chondrocytes and matrix mineralization"<-hence it's importance in endochondral ossification.

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