Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yoko Height increase - How do we nerf the scammers?

Yoko height increase products and kimi height increase products are two of the prevalent scam sites on the internet.  Yoko cannot be an effective height increaser because it supposedly works works by increasing growth hormone.  As I stated in my series on Gigantism:  Human Growth Hormone only has the potential to increase periosteal width so it could potentially increase the height of the irregular bones in the spinal column but HGH can't affect the height of the long bones unless it's mutated.  Articular cartilage growth is another one of the claims made by gainheight.com one of the Yoko height increasing sites.  As I said in my article on growing with articular cartilage that it is possible for articular cartilage growth but as a result of my microfractures which release bone marrow stem cells which stimulate articular cartilage growth(the bone marrow needs to be coupled with blood flow).

The kimi height increasing product again works by stimulating growth hormone(if it has that affect at all) but again it needs to be mutated growth hormone to have any affect other than increasing periosteal width!

So how do we beat the scammers at their game?  We rank for their keywords for SEO methods and inform people!  We answer questions on Yahoo Answers about why these products are scams!

And then we give people more informed information like the very promising lateral synovial joint loading routine(I know most of you are having trouble understanding it I will have some more pictures of how to perform it with dumbells up soon I know someone is performing it with 10 lbs textbooks!).  If you're trying yoga to increase height than you might as well give lateral synovial joint loading a shot!

Height increase surgery and height increase shoe inserts are not scams but surgery is always bad if you can avoid it and I'd rather grow taller with hard work than just wearing lifts.

You can increase height after 25!  There are height increasing tips that work!  We have to start by convincing people that they should be trying other methods than wearing height increase insoles and that the only height increase products that work are well thought out exercises to increase height(yes there may be chemical methods as well but chemicals are were scammers thrive!).

This post was stuffed with keywords that I got from reading google's free adwords tool.  I guess you can consider it another pre-April Fool's Joke?  Yeah, it's a pretty lame attempt to try to get more search traffic to my site but we gotta fight growtaller4idiots idiots with some of their own medicine don't they?  We can't rely solely on social traffic to get people to good decent height increase information like on giantscientific.com or easyheight.com.

Finding the right height increase program starts with you!


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